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Site Map

Site Map

1938 Truck Parts
 Accelerator Pedals, Pads and Floor Parts
 Alternator Items
 Battery Items
 Bed Bolt Kits, Bed Strip, Bed to Frame
 Bed Cross Sills
 Bed Mounting Blocks and Pads
 Bed Strips, Punched
 Bed Wood Floors
 Brake Cables, Parts (Parking/Emergency)
 Brake Disc Items
 Brake Drums
 Brake Hold Down Kits and Return Springs
 Brake Hoses
 Brake Line Items and Sets
 Brake Master Cylinders
 Brake Power Boosters and Booster Kits
 Brake Wheel Cylinders and Repair Kits
 Bumper Parts
 Cab and Door Seals
 Cab Mount Items
 Cables - Choke, Throttle, Etc.
 Carburetor Items
 Clutch Items
 Door Parts
 Driveshaft Items
 Emblems and Trim
 Engine and Oil Items
 Exhaust and Intake Items
 Fender Items
 Firewall Items
 Front Bed Panels
 Gas Tank and Fuel Items
 Glovebox Items
 Grease Zerks
 Grille Items
 Headliner Items
 Heating and Air Conditioning Items
 Hood Items
 Hub Caps and Wheel Rings
 Interior Screws and Sets
 Mats, Carpets and Coverings
 Mirror Items
 Motor Mounts
 Patch Panels - Rocker Panels, Door Steps
 Radiator and Engine Cooling Items
 Radios - AM/FM, Antennas, Speakers, etc.
 Ring and Pinion Items
 Running Board Items
 Seat Belts
 Shock Absorber Items
 Sound Deadeners
 Spare Tire and Wheel Carriers
 Speedometer and Gauge Items
 Steering Boxes, Adapters and Other Items
 Steering Column Items
 Sunvisors, Inside and Outside
 Suspension and Steering Parts
 Tailgate Items
 Tie Rod Ends
 Used Parts
 Water Pumps
 Wheel Bearings
 Wheel Grease Caps
 Wheel Seals
 Wheel Studs and Lug Nuts
 Window Glass
 Window Power Motors, Switches, Kits
 Window Regulators and Repair Kits
 Window Rubber/Seals/Kits
 Windshield Items
 Wiper Items
 Wiring Harnesses
 1938 Bumper brackets, front
 1938 Headlight stand to radiator housing gaskets, Chevrolet only
 1938 Bumper brackets, rear
 1938 Bumper - rear, chrome
 1938 Bumper bolt with nut and lock washer, oval stainless bolt cap
 1938 Bumper bolt locking nut only, castilated
 1938 Bumper - front, chrome
 1938 Socket, dash panel
 1938 Taillight bulb, 6 volt
 1938 Stop light, 21 candle power
 1938 Headlight bulb, as original
 1938 High beam indicator and ignition switch bulb, 6 volt
 1938 Park and taillight bulb, 6 volt
 1938 Dash bulb, 6 volt
 1938 Headlight stand to radiator housing gaskets, GMC only
 1938 Taillight rim/bezel, black
 1938 Taillight lens gasket, stepside
 1938 Taillight lens, red
 1938 Taillight lens, red
 1938 Taillight bracket, right
 1938 Taillight bracket with license plate bracket, left
 1938 Headlight outer bezel, chrome
 1938 Kick panels, cardboard
 1938 Kick panels, cardboard
 1938 Kick panels, cardboard
 1938 Blue dots with chrome ring, for all taillight lenses
 1938 Stainless steel upgrade, short or long bed
 1938 Running board to bed apron, metal
 1938 Running board to bed apron, metal
 1938 Core charge for 1/2 or 3/4 ton brake shoes, refundable when you return your old set
 1938 Closed bedside stake pockets upgrade, stepside only
 1938 Complete bed, long bed
 1938 Complete bed, long bed
 1938 Bedsides, short bed
 1938 Bedsides, short bed
 1938 Bedsides, long bed
 1938 Bedsides, long bed
 1938 Complete bed, short bed
 1938 Complete bed, short bed
 1938 Rod end, brake pedal
 1938 Power brake booster, 11 inch diameter
 1938 Power brake booster, 8 inch diameter
 1938 Bumper bolt only, rounded stainless steel cap
 1938 Bumper lock washer, Chevrolet or GMC
 1938 Bumper bolt with nut and washer, large stainless oval head
 1938 Rod end, brake pedal
 1938 Swivel head, brake pedal rod
 1938 Extension set, brake pedal rod
 1938 Pad, brake pedal
 1938 Pad, brake pedal
 1938 Clevis, brake pedal rod
 1938 Rod end, brake pedal
 1938 Rod connector, brake pedal
 1938 Extension rod with 3/8 inch ID swivel head, brake pedal
 1938 Extension rod, brake pedal
 1938 Spacer, brake pedal rod
 1938 Brake drum, rear
 1938 Brake drum, front
 1938 Retaining washer, brake shoe stud
 1938 Retaining washer, brake shoe stud
 1938 Brake shoes, rear only
 1938 Brake shoes, front or rear
 1938 Extension rod, brake pedal
 1938 Gift certificate - $10.00 value
 1938 Gift certificate - $50.00 value
 1938 Gift certificate - $100.00 value
 1938 License plate bracket, front
 1938 Bumper bolt nut, Chevrolet
 1938 Headlight pigtail 3 prong connection, can be used with LG184 or LG184-12V
 1938 Taillight wiring loom clip, taillight to frame